Curriculum: (Noun)

This article from Ark explores the practitioner and public perception of the word curriculum.

“Curriculum” is an essential feature of education, but the term itself is used without much precision to denote lots of different features of school life. A simple definition of curriculum would be “the subjects studied in a school, college, etc. and what each subject includes”, but even this short sentence contains two different aspects of curriculum: the subjects studied, and the content of those subjects. 

Concept Map of Curriculum Definitions
Bartnick, M. 2009

“Often, when I discuss curriculum with people who do not work in schools, they are surprised to discover that curriculum content is not already tightly defined – isn’t that what the National Curriculum is for? Answering that question, and explaining why it isn’t that simple.”

Ark Curriculum Design leader, John Blake
8th May 2019

From working with just one school, Ark has since grown into a network of 38 schools in the UK – and is now recognised as one of the highest achieving academy groups in the country. Read John’s report here

Baldock County Council School, 1944

“Schools need to ask themselves ‘what are our students entitled to?’. They should then seek to understand where their answers put them on the national spectrum and consider how their own unique context influences these decisions.”

Director of Insight, Richard Davies
8th May 2019

Click here to read Richard’s full analysis analysis of the Macro- curriculum via student entitlement,school breadth and lesson context for the subjects we teach and the resources invested.

Readers: What does curriculum mean to you?

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